Optus / RockCorps

The Brief:

1) Get young people to like and evangelize Optus, Australia's second-largest telco.

2) Build around our partnership with RockCorps, which gives kids concert tickets in exchange for volunteer work.

The Idea: When you volunteer, you're the star.


Just in case you're not an Aussie teen:

The Script, Guy Sebastian, and Tinie Tempah were the stars of our concert. 



On every RockCorps concert ad, the headliners were placed behind the volunteers. 



After each event, we added real volunteers to concert posters all around the city, as well as web banners and social media posts.

And every participant received a wristband that automatically tweeted as they completed their work.


We enlisted popular YouTubers to pick a few lucky fans, spend a day volunteering with them, and treat them as the stars of their show.

They also promoted the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr et al. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.06.34 PM.png



In just a few months, our RockCorps content got over a million views, likes, retweets, and other engagements.

With no extra paid media support, traffic to our site increased by over 7,000%. Volunteering registrations increased by over 600%.