Nestle / Coffee-mate


The Brief: Launch a social campaign that promotes Coffee-mate's holiday flavors. Must appeal to millennial women.

The Idea: The Holiday Mug Mitten Collection: a real and ridiculous assortment of holiday sweaters for your hand and mug and soul.

The Mittens

We worked with influential Etsy crafters to design insane mittens, one themed for each of our holiday flavors: Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Then we started promoting them as if they were the height of seasonal fashion.

The Ads

Yup, this one had  fully operational LED Christmas lights.

Yup, this one came with fully operational LED lights:

The Results

In three weeks, the Mug Mittens campaign increased Coffee-mate conversation among our target by 1,538%.

Over 25% of commenters @tagged friends.

Among the thousands of comments and surprisingly active/heated sub-threads, the average reaction was roughly "these are the stupidest most ridiculous things I've ever seen and HOW DO I GET ONE???"

The Gifts

Just in time for Christmas, we sent real live mug mittens to a hundred of our most enthusiastic and influential fans.


I kinda borrowed one forever.