History Channel / Vikings

The Brief:

1) Get Vikings fans excited about the Season 3 premiere.

2) Attract more millennials to the the show.

The Idea: Hashtag Raids: surprise attacks on popular hashtags that flooded millennial feeds with Vikings content.

STEP 1: Recruit Our Fans To Battle

We drove our fans to HashtagRaids.com with content like this gore-spattered battle cry supercut*

*Spoiler alert: It’s 90 seconds of constant screaming and death by axes. (Candy for Vikings fans.)

STEP 2: Arm Fans With Vikings Content

To take part in the raid, fans just clicked their favorite Vines, GIFs, and memes, which were then posted along with the target hashtag and show promo copy.

Sample Posts (#ManCrushMonday Raid)

STEP 3: Launch The Attack

We directed all of our fans to post their content at the same time, to suddenly flood millennial feeds with Vikings content.

During each raid, anyone who searched for or clicked on our target hashtag found blood-soaked Vikings instead.

For example, on Man Crush Monday, over 80% of #mcm posts were related to Vikings.  

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.19.34 PM.png