The Brief: Give multicultural teens a reason to believe that the Fanta brand is cool.

The Idea: Fanta For The Funny: an all-Vine sketch comedy series starring a diverse cast of up-and-coming Vine comedians.

Web Series:

The 6-episode series has received over 5 million views, and promo Vines earned over a million loops.

Influencer Partnerships:

We hired 3 popular Vine comedians, each with over 1 million followers, as our stars and key media outlets. They promoted the series with custom Vines as well as tweets and Instagram posts.

The other 7 cast members also promoted the series within their social feeds.

Owned Social Channels:

The show drove traffic to our Vine and Twitter feeds, where we featured highlights and challenged fans to create their own funny Vines based on show content.

In less than 6 weeks, our Twitter following increased by 284%, and our Vine following by 111%.