Dannon Frusion

BRIEF: Get Gen X guys to think that Frusion yogurt is a delicious alternative to typical breakfast foods.

IDEA: Create “Breakfast Brawl,” a loving homage to a classic game of the target’s childhood, Mike Tyson’s Punch-out.

RESULTS: The game went viral immediately after its release, earning millions of plays in the first week.

Gaming sites all over the world republished Breakfast Brawl, along with Frusion's product message.

There are hundreds of fan-made videos on YouTube, including this “speed run” that has over 200,000 views and counting.

The game continues to get plays, likes, and comments over 15 years after it launched.


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game highlight video


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Why “sports news?” This one only ran on ESPN.com.

Why “sports news?” This one only ran on ESPN.com.